Known for its heritage inspired style, high quality formulations, soothing ingredients, and signature relaxing fragrance.


Inspired by travel, introducing a body care range that repairs dehydrated skin with a signature aromatherapeutic oil blend.

Dayna Decker

Luxurious formulations and the uniqueness of fragrance, DayNa Decker is an intimate indulgence and unparallelled experience.

Edition Voyage

Edition Voyage is a sophisticated and performance-driven collection of travel skincare and essentials.

ELEVEN Australia

Fresh, uncomplicated hair and body care, ELEVEN Australia simplify your beauty routine and do exactly what they say they will.


Aesthetically elevated, high-performance self-care products developed with clear purpose and intention.


A brand that blends beauty and practicality, instantly recognisable and created to be safe, effective and elegantly simple.


A world-leading wellness brand, Payot Voyage offers the ultimate luxury spa experience for every guest, in every room.

Rohr Remedy

Dermalogical formulas with the wild extracts of traditional Australian bush medicines, a luxurious and effective natural skincare range.

Tom Dixon

With expertise in designing remarkable interiors for multiple hotels, Tom Dixon brings his style and flair, featuring unique Underground fragrance.


Technical innovation paired with design excellence and unparalleled quality make TUMI the leading lifestyle brand for the Global Citizen.


Verso makes high-quality products with a low ingredient count, providing sustainability and an environmentally conscious approach to skincare.