Sustainable Essentials

Discover our edit of premium everyday essential dry amenity items, designed with our signature craftsmanship, attention to detail and with sustainability at its core.

Perfect for smaller properties, and available with a low MOQ of 50 units, our Sustainable Essentials collection is available in 3 ranges; Kraft Autopack, Premium White Boxed and Premium Black Boxed.

Positive Design

With a sustainable lens, we create thoughtful products that give back to the planet in a positive way.

The packaging for all three Travel Dry Amenity collections is recyclable and made from FSC Certified Paper and printed with soy ink.

To reduce the reliance on plastics altogether, we offer natural alternatives such as Bamboo. Bamboo is naturally harvested, durable and perfect for ancillary items.

To reduce the reliance on virgin plastics, we offer better plastic alternatives such as bioplastic (made from cornstarch) for our shower caps; to bamboo for our razor handles.

We also offer alternatives to plastic with recyclable packaging made from FSC certified paper.

Travel Dry Amenity Collection


Provide your guests with an extra touch of comfort with these everyday essentials designed with a nod to sustainability.

Our premium selection features dry amenity products housed in box or sleeve packaging options.

Make It Personal

Personalise and create an immersive guest experience across all touchpoints with the addition of your signature logo on the packaging.

*minimum order quantities apply

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