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Our Hotel Amenities Subscription Service is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and streamline the procurement of essential supplies. With a focus on convenience, cost-effectiveness, and customization, our service aims to elevate the guest experience by ensuring that your property is consistently stocked with high-quality amenities.

Key Features:

Customised Subscription Plans

Tailored subscription plans based on your properties unique needs, room types, and guest preferences.

Choose from a variety of amenities, including toiletries, linens, room accessories, and more.

Automated Ordering System

Set up a hassle-free automated ordering system that ensures a timely and seamless supply of amenities.

Eliminate the need for manual ordering and reduce the risk of stockouts.

Quality Assurance

Hotel Amenities from iconic luxury brands to guarantee the highest quality for your guests.

Regular quality checks and feedback mechanisms to maintain consistent standards.

Cost Saving

Benefit from bulk purchasing discounts and reduced shipping costs associated with a subscription-based model.

Optimize inventory levels to minimize waste and maximize cost efficiency.

Diverse Product Range

Access a wide range of products, from eco-friendly dry amenities to luxury body and hair care and specialty VIP items.

Stay updated on industry trends and introduce new amenities to keep elevate your customer journey and create a memorable and luxurious experience.

User-Friendly Platform

Navigate an intuitive online platform to manage subscriptions, customize orders, and track deliveries.

Receive real-time updates on order status and easily make adjustments as needed.

Environmental Sustainability

Choose from environmentally friendly options to align with your hotel's commitment to sustainability.

Reduce single-use plastics and opt for refillable bottles.

Customer Support

Dedicated customer support team available to address any issues, provide assistance, and ensure a smooth experience.

Flexible Terms

Modify subscription plans, quantities, and delivery schedules to accommodate changes in seasonal demand or special events.

How Subscription Orders Work

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