Edition Voyage Linen and Pillow Spray 7ml



A good sleep is crucial for guests and sometimes challenging in a new environment or timezone. Offering ways to help create rest and relaxation is an added touch of luxury for your guests.

A few spritzes of Edition Voyage Linen & Pillow Spray promotes calm, relaxation and aids sleep. Ingredients such as sweet orange, frankincense and lavender- vetiver also help relieve tension, settle nerves and calm the body and mind.

Available to hotels and traveller accomodation only.

Brand Information

Created for the Refined Travellers, Edition Voyage is a sophisticated and performance-driven collection of travel skincare.

This exclusive range helps restore well-being after a long trip, providing hydration, wellness and relaxation for travellers. Each product features nourishing ingredients providing an unforgettable sensory experience at every use.

Range scent: Amber Cologne

Free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic colourants and animal testing


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Edition Voyage Linen and Pillow Spray 7ml
Edition Voyage Linen and Pillow Spray 7ml